the leader in you, the leader in me

Build interdependent teams that drive business results and organizational change through collaborative and innovative leadership development solutions.

Group Development
Build high performing teams that are founded on trust, diversity, equity and inclusion, promote organizational culture, beliefs and values and are more successful at leading change, driving results and achieving goals.
Experiential Learning Styles

Learning by its very nature is a tension filled process. Most people develop learning styles that emphasize some learning abilities over others lending to a reliance on one of four learning styles. Participants will understand Learning Styles that can be applied to solving problems, working more effectively in teams and resolving conflict.

Trust Model

Discover the elements that establish trust and recognize behaviours that can build or erode it in the workplace. Building trust creates higher levels of performance and increased commitment, engagement and retention, which are the foundation to an organization’s success.

5 Stages of Group Development

Understand the path distinguished by five fundamental stages that teams follow on their way to high performance. Determine which stage your team occupies and identify steps to move forward through each stage with the ultimate result of becoming a team that reaches its full potential.

Conflict Strategies

While modern theorists agree there are drawbacks to conflict, most recognize many positive aspects as well. The diversity within organizations together with its varied goals, naturally brings conflict however, it also stimulates creativity, new ideas and change. This program develops the ability for leaders to successfully resolve conflict in a constructive manor and create a healthy climate for improved solutions.

Leading in Change

Change is a part of daily work and has become more complex and frequent, but these transitions are often unplanned, and challenging to lead. Discover a strategic approach to managing change and the key considerations to create the best circumstances for a successful transition. Leaders will embrace a process that engages people in finding new ways to be able to leave the old and embrace the new.

High Performing Organisation

An organization's performance is a direct result of its structural framework informed by its culture. The program provides a method of diagnosing current levels of performance and understanding the potential for performance at highest levels. Participants develop strategies for shaping the organization’s culture and unlocking its performance potential.

Business Development
Unleash your business’ potential with a clear and compelling strategy leading to sustainable growth and accelerate innovation in order to reach the needs and dreams of your target group.

Livon™ helps organizations and teams attract and retain targeted customers in extremely competitive markets. Participants develop a strategy that defines the competitive devices within their corporate brand framework, responds to the socio-economic conditions that influences their customer behaviour, and strengthens the organization's position and market share. Key themes covered in this program are marketing, segmentation and differentiation.

Production Distribution & Systems Thinking

Through an interactive simulation originally devised at MIT, this program provides a vivd experience with a common complex system. Participants will see how the collective results of individually sensible decisions within an established structure can yield disastrous results and how to identify the structural connection between a system and the dynamics it generates and fundamentally refine the system for exceptional results.

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