strengthen your competitive advantage and grow market share

An innovative business tool that helps companies stand out from the competition.

Celemi Livon™ helps your teams attract and retain targeted clients in extremely competitive markets. It is designed for all leaders who help sales  organizations coordinate market investments and resources and promote a precise, consistent company identity.

Organizations need strong alignment between franchise, retail or other operations and the central sales and marketing strategy.  Together with a well defined company identity, organizations must consistently strengthen their market niche and competitive advantages to capture greater market share.

Best for

Leaders responsible for Sales, Marketing or Business Strategy


In person


1 day

Class size

Facilitator to participant ratio 1:16

Build and retain a strong customer base and increase market share and profitability

To be successful, you need a strong market position as well as the ability to preserve it and build proficiency in coordinating market investments and resources that promote a precise, consistent identify for your company.

The overriding challenge is to build and retain a profitable customer base. Successful teams will have a clearly defined market segment, and make the most effective use of marketing strategies - often requiring subtle shifts along the way.

This one day program helps participants develop a strategy to attract and retain targeted clients in extremely competitive markets.  Key themes covered in this program are marketing, segmentation and differentiation.

The workshop environment is an open and safe place for sharing and exploring ideas and insights.  The training design is a simulation based on a case study, where four companies are competing for the same customer segment in a growing market.  The exercises covered over the the one day represent five years of operation.

Teams soon learn that their company cannot be everything to everyone, and that competitive positioning is critical. Which current customers should they keep? Which prospective customers should they target? Who will emerge as the market leader? The management team needs to decide on a desired market position and capture it in the most cost-effective way.

Participants in the LIVON™ program learn:

Celemi Livon™ teaches participants what it takes to adapt a single (global) corporate strategy to local market conditions. Specifically, it is about communicating a precise, consistent company identity while differentiating from local competitors.

As a result of participating in the LIVON™ program, participants will learn the following skills:

  • To reinforce competitive advantages and capture greater market share

  • To attract and retain customers in a competitive atmosphere

  • To create a strong alignment between franchise, retail or other operations and the central sales and marketing strategy

  • To explore how to adopt and adapt a global strategy

  • To identify or strengthen a market niche

  • To understand the big-picture framework on marketing concepts, market segmentation and consumer behaviour

  • To create strategic alignment around a central vision

Why choose our LIVON™ program?

Celemi Livon™ is a one-day, interactive business training simulation designed to help organizations with widespread sales and distribution networks communicate a precise, consistent identity while differentiating themselves in a highly competitive marketplace.

Celemi Livon™ participants learn to make the most effective use of marketing strategies , while remaining in line with corporate strategy. It helps participants understand how a precise and consistent identity can impact sales and profits. With this knowledge, participants can immediately apply their simulated experiences to their daily responsibilities and help formulate an action plan that addresses their company's specific needs.

Participants are supported by highly qualified, professional facilitators enriched by hands-on business experience, strategic thinking and execution skills.

Many companies around the world have used Celemi Livon™ to:

  • Develop Strategic Decision Making

  • Understand Customer Responsiveness

  • Understand Customer Segmentation

  • Perform Competitive Landscape Analysis

  • Improve Net Promoter Score (NPS)

  • Perform Branding & Image Tracking

  • Understand Pricing vs Profitability

  • Understand Marketing Agility

What is included

Program facilitation

Program material

Access to LIVON™ Simulation

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