Leading in Change

master the art of leading change

Develop managers to lead a process that engages people in finding new ways to be able to leave the old and embrace the new.

“Change is the only thing in life that is constant.”  Change is complex and as humans we go through a wide range of emotions as we transition from the old to the new. Change is a constant part of our daily work, but these transitions are often not well-planned, and difficult to manage.

Successful managers lead change with a focus on taking care of the human aspects of the change. They help their teams to move from knowing to doing; from little awareness to adoption. In doing so, unnecessary efficiencies are reduced and the intended result of the change is fully realized.

Our Leading in Change program will introduce a strategic approach to leading change and the key considerations to create the best conditions for a successful transition.

Best for

  • Senior-level managers

  • Mid-level or new managers

  • Individuals in leadership roles who want to increase their effectiveness


In person


2 days

Class size

Facilitator to participant ratio 1:12

Create the prerequisites for successful innovation and positive change through the mobilization of your entire organization.

The Leading in Change program will introduce participants to the basics of change management, based on four stages of change: Awareness, Interest, Trial and Adoption. Through this program, participants will be able to understand the process of change and know how to effectively plan, lead and manage change for themselves and their teams.  With an in-depth understanding of the nature of change, participants will learn how people react to change and how to best interact and communicate with team members throughout the process of change.

Based on the principles of experiential learning, our program allows participant to experience the challenge of leading change in a psychologically safe environment with the aid of the EIS Simulation, a globally adopted educational tool for change management courses. The simulation is designed as a collaborative learning game, transferring learning content and creating a rich training ground for groups to engage in challenging collaborative exercises and decision making. It provides a strong link between understanding the elements of change management and performing leadership activities in practice.

Upon completion of the program, participants will have begun their mastery of leading change that engages all team members to adopt change with improved efficiency, resulting in an organization’s greater ability to innovate and grow.

Participants in the Leading in Change program learn:
  • To understand the nature of change and how it effects each individual, to consciously lead and manage change and provide a safe environment for their teams during the process.

  • To understand how people react differently to change, and how it operates at different levels, in order to better lead an effective and efficient change process.

  • To recognize the stages of the Four Step Model for Change and explore how the Model can be used to lead change.

  • To explore the different types of resistance to change and develop strategies to overcome them.

  • To explore the different types of media within communication that can be used throughout the change process.

  • To strategically plan activities that will lead to a successful change implementation.

Why choose our Leading in Change program?

The rate of change in work and life has increased in both intensity and frequency. Adopting an approach to strategically lead and manage change will enable organizations and teams to embrace change, optimism efficiency and realize change objectives.

Research identifies that the failure for organizations to successfully implement change is largely due to a lack of knowledge and competencies in change management. This program will enable participants to develop the skills to lead change management projects to successful implementation.

The EIS Simulation is a globally embraced, multi-media learning experience which allows participants to simulate important changes within an organization while confronting various forms of resistance. Flexible, pedagogical and innovative, the EIS Simulation reflects the latest thinking related to change management, organizational development, and game based learning.

Possibilities of one on one coaching or mentorship, beyond the program delivery are also available.

What is included

Program facilitation

Access to the EIS (Executive Information System) Simulator

Program materials

Possibilities for one on one coaching beyond program delivery is also available.

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