My Conscious Leadership

the leader within, leading the world

Effective leadership is a form of personal expression that enriches your choice of work or vocation.

My Conscious Leadership (MCL) is an intensive and transformative program, driven by each individual and guided by experienced facilitators and fellow participants,  within the architecture of proven theories and mental models.

With MCL, participants examine how their leadership abilities emanate from who they are as a person; their values, talents, and self-image. The more aware of these aspects within themselves, the more agile their behaviour and effective their decisions.

The program aims to explore ideas on how, as a leader, each participant can unleash others’ potential by using coaching as a part of their unique leadership style.

Best for

Senior leaders


In person


72 hours over 7 weeks

Class size

Facilitator to participant ratio 1:6

Provide senior leaders the ability to discover and develop their leadership

It is rare that people leave their workplace because of the company or business.  Employees predominately leave as a consequence of the leadership they experience, when their strengths are under-utilized and/or a lack of career growth opportunities.  Lack of trust, fear, clarity and alignment destroy businesses, organizations and employees.  The most effective leaders actively practice self-awareness and openness.  They understand which behaviours are productive in themselves and others, create opportunities for growth and coach people to use their strengths.

Conscious leadership is a personal choice and is guided by one’s own vision and values. Developing a clear leadership vision emerges from a well defined personal vision. Through My Conscious Leadership (MCL), participants are clearer about their motivations, expectations of others  and examines how they relate to others.

Authentic leadership requires awareness of each person’s own developmental needs and areas in need of change. With MCL, participants engage in an in-depth examination of their personal leadership from multiple perspectives.

MCL is built on self-reflection in an open climate where the contributor learns from their own and others experience. An integral part of the learning is based on the support and challenge each participant gets and gives in dialogue with others.

Participants in the My Conscious Leadership program develop:
  • Practical leadership skills to achieve goals, drive performance, create greater organizational impact, and align short-term action with long-term direction.

  • Leadership capabilities by drawing upon experience with various proven developmental models designed to empower organizations, managers and employees to reach their full potential.

  • Confidence in the future they are planning for themselves and how they can further contribute to the organization's continued success.

  • The ability to unleash the potential in others by applying coaching as part of their leadership style and create a workforce of high-performing, autonomous individuals.

  • Interpersonal agility and awareness of how they can best contribute in various situations, creating an environment where everyone is energized, inspired and contribute their strengths towards the development of themselves and the organization.

  • Greater intimacy with their motivation for why and how they lead which emerges as authentic leadership eliciting a climate of safety and belonging where extraordinary advancements can be achieved.

Why choose our My Conscious Leadership program?

Organizations are only as effective as their ability to solve today’s problems. These challenges become more complex amid a disruptive and evolving reality.  As leaders continue in their leadership journey, taking on additional responsibility, the challenges of balancing organizational objectives and unleashing the potential of their teams become even more critical.

A key ingredient to an organizations’ success is the agility and personal awareness of their leaders. MCL offers leaders a highly individualized, feedback-rich development forum that includes intense, personalized coaching.

Participants will be supported by proven development models and experienced facilitators, but in the end, their own contribution and openness will be essential for the outcome.

What is included

Hotel stay and all meals

Program facilitation

One on one executive coaching

360   assessment

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